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Low Slope


What is the SA system?

With high-quality materials bottom to top, components of the Flintlastic SA system include:

Flintlastic® SA NailBase (mechanically attached)

Flintlastic® SA PlyBase (self-adhering)

Flintlastic® SA Mid Ply (self-adhering)

Flintlastic® SA Cap (self-adhering)

Flintlastic® SA Cap FR (fire-rated, self-adhering)

Goes down fast. Stays on strong.

Flintlastic® SA performs in all the right ways.

What’s more important to you?

Speed of installation, durability or appearance? The Flintlastic SA (self-adhering) SBS modified bitumen low slope roofing system is a premium performer in all these areas.

What are the advantages?

No torches, no hot asphalt, no fumes and no mess — all of which means application is much cleaner and faster. Plus, equipment needs are minimal. These advantages are even more amazing considering the long system life you can expect.

Where can I use it?

Flintlastic SA roof systems are ideal when access to the roof is limited – such as high-rise buildings. There are also many advantages to installing SA systems on healthcare and educational facilities where occupant comfort is extremely important.

Energy Savings

Flintlastic SA Cap and SA Cap FR are available with solar reflective granules, meeting Energy Star® and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) minimum requirements. Specific product details may be found on individual product technical data sheets or by visiting or

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